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He still wanted very much to be an Auror and to have someone like Tonks train him was too good to pass up. “I’m not talking about cover...ng standard jinxes and hexes either. I’m talking about real things that could save your life in battle. If you want to tell Ron and Hermione that’s fine, but I want the three of you to keep this to yourselves,” she added, sounding uncharacteristically serious. “The things I’m going to be training you in, they don’t teach at Hogwarts and you would. It was nicer than anything he had ever seen before. Turning back to Judy, he saw her standing with her arms at her sides but with her wanting obvious in her eyes.When he moved to take her into his arms, he could see the wanting replaced by a look of joy. Their kiss was even better than the ones before. Parting, Judy began to untie his tie and helped him off with his tunic. Then she disappeared into the bedroom leaving Mike alone. Not knowing what else to do, he sat down on the sofa to wait.Only. Me: what the hell is this kiran.Kiran: that one is my previous boss wife video.Me: y are you showing to me.Kiran: because she was a desperate women in her sex life and she wanted me to satisfy her so I did.Me: then you recorded that and blackmailed her and to fuck her whenever you wanted.Kiran: no madam she recorded it and made a copy of it and said you have satisfied me but there are many housewife’s are not satisfied by their personal sex life so please satisfy them and also said they will. 30, and the students who had stayed back for the canteen or to use the library too started leaving. Even most of the professors and staffs would leave by 6.30. Aarushi was at a nearby cafe, conscious of her secret meeting with Agnihotri. She was with her friends and alike them she too pretended to be hapless.Close to 7 she stood up and pretended to go home, most of her friends would still stay and chat throughout the evening. On a normal day she too would have stayed back to participate in the.

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