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Trish’s orgasm hit hard and she continued screaming and bucking while Darren tried hard to hold on to her. Jen was taken over the edge at the same t...me as Trish and was bucking around like a wild a****l. And Ann knew she was next to join the rest at near the same time to another mind blowing orgasm. ……………………………Trevor had just returned from dropping his parents home after a late dinner and was helping his wife Karen clean up when suddenly he heard screaming from next door.‘Karen’ he called. Any resemblance between characters in this story and real persons is strictly coincidental and unintentional. Like most of my stories, this one contains elements that could fall into numerous categories such as Loving Wives and BDSM on Literotica. Normally I would split this story into segments to make it easier to read, but if I did that I’d hear from too many readers that Part 1 should be in ‘Loving Wives.’ However, if you look at the entire story, it’s clearly a romance so that is where I. I was with one of my regulars the other night, an older black guy, and he’s one of the few I allow to visit me at my apartment. Usually I meet men at motels, but with the Covid-19, that gets expensive and I don’t need anything to cut into my overhead. So I have definitely relaxed my rule of not entertaining at home.Anyway I’ve known this guy for about 6 years - I don’t even know his NAME! Am I TERRBLE?? But that’s not unusual because most of the men who see me are either married or in. Thevalkyrie.com/stories/1misc11/yena.txthttp://www.thevalkyrie.com/stories/1misc11/torres1.txthttp://www.thevalkyrie.com/stories/1misc29/ward4d.txthttp://www.thevalkyrie.com/stories/1misc29/smotherhigh.txtWith that in mind, I have decided to write a story based on his themes. Like his stories, terms such as young boy or girl do not denote a certain age.The Smothering of SashaLittle Sasha sat at the back of the Blue Velvet Victims transport bus, along with a few other boys and girls. .

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