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When dad was away on work trips I would often lay in bed at night listening to some guy she had picked up in a bar fuck her brains out. The grunts & m...ans were at first all to much for me & I was disgusted, but over the years as I grew into a woman I would lay there naked on top of the sheets squeezing my tiny titties & rubbing the thin wisks of pubic hair on my pussy as some guy yelled out to my mum "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" I lay there wishing he was doing it to me.When dad found out mum had. I'm annoyed because I wanted a little time to myself and so in protest, I spend the first several minutes of the half hour drive laser focused on the road, barely ever looking in "Krista's" direction. We hit bump after bump and then she says it. "Man this road is bumpy, probably should have wore a bra". My mouth instantly began to water and using my sunglasses as a cover I peek in her direction to see just how obvious it was that she wasn't wearing a bra and to see if she was simply trying to. It had all started a month ago, when she had forgotten to knock my door before entering. I was completely naked, critically eyeing my body in the mirror with a narcissist expression. She had blushed visibly, but it was nothing compared to how i had coloured. My brain had deserted me at this inopportune moment, my hands not even trying to cover my nakedness. She had left but not before casting a furtive glance towards my cock. That incident seemed to have developed some kind of 'naked bond'. "It's all a part of growing up. I'll bet that both Mary & Shary are all wet between their legs."Mary felt between her legs and realized that she was wet just like last night. Larry reached over and felt between Shary's legs and said "Shary is all wet for sure! Why is that daddy?" It is all a part of growing up. Remember when we went to the resort on the coast last year? The older girls and ladies had hair around their cunny's and their boobs were big, like mommies were. And a lot of the men had.

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