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A memento of the car ride, I thought. It was strangely erotic, and I felt myself getting excited. I got control of myself, adjusted my dick up into my...waistband to hide my reforming hard-on, and went over to my desk. I went to turn on my computer, and noticed it was already on. I defiantly remembered turning it off. Rach had been in my room. Did she have enough time to see anything on my computer? I searched thoroughly, not knowing what I was looking for. It wasnt until I reached to lower the. I watched as her sexy ass undulated before me. It did a dance that will forever be etched in my brain. As her moans got louder and fingers quicker, I stepped alongside the bed.As her arousal neared its crescendo, I touched her ass. She quickly spun around while falling onto her back and was about to bolt upright and out of the room in sheer terror and embarrassment. I leaned forward with one hand on the top of her chest and another on her lips. It was at this point that her eyes dropped and she. I was on a night out with a few friends and i had more than a few vodka's we were in the local where the disco was held every 2nd saturday. It was about 11.30 p.m when this young bloke came over and asked me in a confident voice to dance,before i knew it he had me on the dancefloor with his hands on my hips/ass.God it felt really good being held firmly like that as we danced slowly to the music,I still told him i was married but he whispered in my ear that's the kind of woman he goes for. ” I decided to take a direct approach. “Does your husband play or know?”She had a tinkling laugh. “He knows and I limit what I do to oral. I love cream pies.”I smiled and my cock hardened along with her nipples. “That keeps messes down, your throat, that is.”She smiled back. “Are you big enough to get in my throat?”I looked around and we were the only ones in the area. I pulled my trunks down exposing my hard cock to the gaze of all three. “I think so.”Sylvia said, “Shit! That’s big! It’s going.

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