I did try to keep the gym bag out of the water. It looked somewhat waterproof, but I didn't want the hassle of dealing with sea water soaked cash this...evening. I was going to need some it soon, and passing out wet money is just different enough to be memorable, but I needn't have worried too much.The timing was better than good. The last passenger ferry was just sounding its ten minute warning to the last dithering tourists and I was quickly just one of a couple of dozen stragglers waiting to. After being carried for quite a distance they arrived at an old picnic shelter. The shelter had an open beamed roof, a large fire place with a fire going and picnic tables. Kerri was terrorized. There were a large number of gang members. The music was deafening. They were obviously stoned on booze and drugs. Kerri was screaming, begging. ?Please, don’t hurt us. I’ll do anything.? ?Kerri, don’t beg yelled Jimmy?. There were chains hanging from the beams and the ends of the metal poles. ’ ‘I vote for something that let’s us continue drinking,’ Carrie chimed in. ‘I’d like to spin the bottle with you.’ Carrie had the hots for Simon and had found the perfect opportunity to sidle up beside him. ‘Hah, a much better suggestion!’ Simon put his arm around her shoulders. ‘Truth or dare!’ Each with a new drink in hand, they sat down on the carpet. ‘Alright, house rules. We alternate truths and dares, and the spinner decides the challenge for the lucky recipient. If the spinner ends up. I really don't know how long I'd fallen asleep outside before Jim had come over, and to be honest while we were busy gobbling each other's cocks, nothing else had really crossed my mind. Which is why I was in for yet another surprise. The phone rang, which startled me a little, but apparently startled Robby even more! Yes my best friend Robby, upon hearing the phone rang jumped startled and bumped his elbow into the wall yelling out in pain. Jim and I both froze, which to be honest must.

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