” he helped me stand. I was beginning to relax and hope I had a future. I held his hand as I stepped out onto the bath mat, where I knelt.“M ... D...vid, please let me call you Master, or sir.”He sighed – I’d disappointed him again. “Very well, Julia.” He turned away and ran the shower, adjusting the temperature, then shed his robe and led me into the cubicle. His touch ... was gentle. Careful. Impersonal? Maybe. We were under the shower for an age as he shampooed my hair and tried to tease the. He got in his rattletrap Ford and hit the road with his worldly possessions in a couple of boxes.Looking back on it, life in Chicago had been tolerable. He’d made a decent living between his handyman work and his occasional forays into illegality. He tried anything that would make him a quick buck. He’d stolen the occasional expensive possession, scammed a few rich widows, and even driven the getaway car for a burglary of a pretty ritzy jewelry store.It was time to move on. He wasn’t a big fish. I wiggled and moaned due to the mix of a tickle and pleasure feeling. One of his hands move down under my pants to feel how wet I was. I gasp as one of his fingers barley entered me. Im able to only fit two of mine but for some reason one of his fingers was a lot. Mr. Kain, Please. I moaned arching my back. Mr. Kain stopped and looked at me then slowly moved down pulling my pants and underwear down. He spread my legs then my pussy lip, peering in for some reason. Seeing him do that I was. Aap khadi ho jaiye.To main khadi ho gayi. Woh muze dekh rahe the.Boss: Apne bare me batao.Main: Mera naam Neha hai. Main…Boss: Shut up. Apne badan ka description do. Detail me…Main ekdum se shock ho gayi. Par main majboor thi. Muze proove krna tha ki main is job ke layak hun.Main: Mere boobs ka size 36D hai. Meri kamar 34 hai.Boss: Maine size nahi punchha.Main: Sorry sir. Mere boobs bohot soft hain. Unko dabane ka maza ki kuchh aur hai. Meri gaand bhitarbooj ki tarah hai. Aur main…Main aage bol.

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