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What the fuck? “I must’ve bumped my head, I’m ok now” I mumbled. “Take your time madam, we’ve racked up all your shopping and your husband...has paid for it all, it’s waiting for you to collect at the checkout”. I nodded and proceeded to get up and follow the assistant. As I walked trying to recover my confidence, I felt his sticky wads of cum swilling around in my panties, coating my neat little curls of pubic hair and trying to escape the tiny confines of my lacy thong. I tried my best to stop. She grabbed my balls really hard, and I liked it. Next came a very interesting sex play.Lorena laid me on the bed, told me to close my eyes, and I complied. She started kissing and licking me head to toe. She stopped on my nipples a little longer than all other body parts, and sucked on them hard. After came the bites, and it was awesome. She left my cock and balls for last, intentionally ignoring them initially. After a short brake I felt her huge tits on my thighs again, my balls in her mouth. Priya:”Hello sir. Priya here”Me:” Hi Priya..”Priya:”Sorry to disturb you so late..”Me:” No problems. Tell me what can I do for you?”Priya:” I was just curious about my interview result”Me:”Oh you were splendid. I am sure you will be selected”Priya:” Oh thank you so much!!” smileysMe:”Well, you have to show me around Lucknow as a return gift”Priya:”Definitely…Are you free tonight”Me:”Tonight?”Priya:” Ya it’s Friday night. Fun time :)”Me:” Ok. Funtime it is. Where do we meet?”I messaged her my. ” “They certainly do.” Julia replied.Ellie signalled Julia to follow her into the kitchen as I stood like a limp dick at a lesbian party, I heard the conversation continue as they walked through to the kitchen, “Of course, my husbands erection could have been for you. I see that you're filling in very nicely.” I heard my wife say. “No, I was wearing a jacket, covered and hidden. It was all yours.”Fucking women. I then heard our son begin to cry upstairs, “Well Jack'ey boy. Looks like it's up to.

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