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“Morning son, did you have a good time at Mark’s party?”“Yeah it was OK, got back about 2, nothing very wild”“Good, you’ve got an appeti...e for breakfast then?”“Oh yeah, I worked up one of those! I was in the lounge when you’re mobile was beeping away. You got plenty of messages.”“Did I?” he seemed a bit worried, “I didn’t see any this morning.”“No, I read them and deleted them, they were quite interesting though.”“You’ve got no business going through my phone son.”Then it came out, I couldn’t. Phir mujhe laga ki shaayad yeh log tv bandh karna bhool gaye hai,mai tab kholke thode paani peeliya,aur waha se chalne ke liye nikla,itne me mujhe anty ki hasna sunai diya.Mujhe thab yakeen hogaya woh tv dekhrahe hai,aur tv me advtmnt aa rahi thi shaayad,mujhe doubt aaya ki advt me hasne ki baat kya hoga,mai yeh soch the hue fourth floor aagaya,waha mera dost bahut gehre neend me tha,mere mann pura second floor me ghar ke andhar kya horaha hai uspar tha,no doubt andar anty aur uncle sex. I looked at the nanny with her prematurely grey hair and studied her for a moment as I pretended to watch the game. The sharp girl with the innocent eyes caught me looking and I thought she blushed but it was difficult to tell because she had darker than normal skin tone.I was not looking at her out of any sense of sexual interest but merely out of curiosity wondering what had brought her to New York City. I confess I was interested about her back story on her relocation to the Big Apple. It. "And he tried to find another one, but he couldn't, so hemoved in and slept on our sofa. And then he said he didn't want to eatus out of hows and whom, so one day when me and him and Mommy wereplaying tea party, he said he would be my doll for a year and maybe theindestroy would upturn again and people would give him another job, sowe all went to the mall, and me and Mommy went in one side of the vimmachine and Uncle Kevin went in the other one, and I picked out the dollI wanted and Mommy.

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