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He kept this up until he four fingers buried deep, driving me crazy. “You like this don’t you?” I can only nod, cum gushes out over and over. �...We’re going a little farther today, like I said, I’m going to destroy you.” Confused as to what he’s thinking, but it feels so good I’m not about to ask what he means. His fingers slide out of me and he shoves them in my mouth again. “I want you to turn over now, and get that ass up, spread your legs as wide as you can on this table.” I turn over, my. “Yes I mean it,” she answered, “you will be the only one who sees my naked body from now on.” He said, “I guess I am kind of old fashioned but I believe that when you are in a relationship then you should remain faithful in that relationship, I know that you and Malcolm have an open marriage and that is fine, you both agreed to that.” She kissed him again and said, “I promise you that nobody and I mean nobody apart from you will see my naked body or even see me in any form of undress again.” . Furthermore, he felt as if he had already said more than he meant to. Sue smiled back, but said nothing. She completely understood him. The uncertainty of things is the woe of us all. Will interjected her thoughts, ‘So you want to tell me about the guy you were with? Your fellow librarian boyfriend? Now this is too cute!’ Sue laughed along with him, but Will was quick to notice the great pool of sadness gathering in her eyes. He stopped laughing, and so did she. She looked away to recollect. It's all yours". She didn't even ask me if I wanted to be blown by some strange woman. Probably because she knew I'd never object; we'd just discussed what we can handle in porn and what we cringe at. I had to come clean: Turn Ons: 3somes with two females; cum shots; big tits, hand jobs, pussies. And even though I told her they were just fantasies that I'd never attempt in real life and I meant it but if she wants to team up with Cindy, whoever she is, and share my erection with her, I guess I.

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