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It was actually mom who made the first move and confessed her crush. The teacher was very flattered but she shy about the difference in their ages. Mo... was not dissuade and persisted gently until one night she and the teacher were sitting on the couch in her apartment and started making out. Mom described her as short and very tomboyish. They ended up spending the rest of the night in bed. "I took to it like a duck to water," mom said. The relationship lasted only over the summer school. 7″ with the most voluptuous figure and super firm breasts, she has pierced her nose and her naval and sports more than one ear ring! She has the most adorable toes I have ever seen and they are the dream of any man who has feet fetish. She has the most beautifully manicured nails and paints them every three or four days and makes sure she looks sexy and horny and attractive. Her mother, Priya, Oh!! Is really the mother of all fucks, she is I think in her mid forties and always knew her to be. I needed to be fucked more than I’d ever needed anything. My pussy felt like it was on fire, and I needed to feel my brother inside me again.One last time. That’s all it was. I needed to feel his smooth rod entering me, filling me up. I needed to clench around his cock until we were both cumming, and I could feel him spurting, cumming inside me.What the hell was wrong with me?“Fuck me...” I finally groaned, through gritted teeth. “Please. Please, god. I need it...”“Okay,” he said with a shrug,. Although his face and body looked like it was wavering, I noted that he had the most green eyes I had ever seen. His hair was dark, almost black. He was much taller than I am, so I had to look up a ways to see him. Broad shouldered and strong, he was the perfect man, even if he was a figment of my imagination.“Do I not feel real to you?” he whispered in my ear.Sure enough, his hands felt solid, and I could feel his breath on my neck. He planted a soft kiss on the side of my neck. Not wanting to.

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