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She could ///remember/// being able to disobey,but she no longer could. And it was not even a realization aboutwhether or not she *could*, but rather ...he understanding that never inher life would she disobey her Master. But she had not wanted tothen, and was no longer capable now, and could not longer conceive ofherself disobeying. Freedom from his will passed entirely from herunderstanding and ability and desire and all her soul.Then there came into her mind another understanding, or rather,. She gasped. That shouldnt feel so good…but it did. She thought back to the man licking the womans pussy. That was probably what it felt like. It was weird for Frankie to do it though. Go away, she demanded. She shoved his head, and he seemed to listen…although he gave her a whine when he did. Stupid dog… she mumbled, watching him walk away slowly. She kept watching though, because between Frankies legs was his long thick dog penis. Shed never really noticed it before…was it always that big?. Got to go" and I walked into the store and left her standing on the side walk. I hadn't called Clarissa, but Lori didn't know that. I skipped the party and went to the movies.At the store on Saturday Harley asked me why I had missed the party and I told him that I hadn't felt well."Lori was there" he said. "She came alone."I shrugged and he said, "Randy was there and he came alone too." Harley, I don't give a rat's ass about what Lori and Randy do." They didn't do anything. She wouldn't dance. You can't identify it, but it's earthy; it makes you think of green things growing and of warm spring rain. Van Morrison is playing on the stereo, singing about magic and romance and dancing beneath an October moon.With my hands on your shoulders, I reach up to kiss you, and before you can embrace me, I slide my hands down your arms and grasp your wrists, and gently, but firmly, bring them around to your back. Before you have any idea what is happening, you hear a sound, a click you can.

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